Humble vs Proud Prayer

LUKE 18,13-14

Humble vs Proud Prayer – Jesus teaches us in this gospel to remember that God treats us with great respect, love, mercy and understanding. Once we come to him for prayer he knows how to answer us whether we think/feel worthy or not.

The attitude of the Pharisee is arrogant, proud and selfish which ignores and almost deprive God’s kindness towards his neighbor. He seem to forget that God came for sinners not for the righteous, for the sick nit for the healthy that they may have life to the full. And it’s his joy that one repents, be converted and have life in him as “he doesn’t wish the sinner to die but to turn back to him and live”.
He was blinded of his “goodness” and consider himself “righteous” and condemns his neighbor. The poor, repentant and humble publican show us the best attitude when we come to pray. Our misery must be made manifest to encounter the Merciful Father. The same attitude of the prodigal son who was so humbled by his condition which led him to be more humble in his disposition coming home to his kind Father. We too are encouraged to be humble-hearted in prayer in that way the Lord who through his Holy Spirit predisposes us to that state of emptiness will fill and enrich us with his forgiveness, grace and love and mercy.

Let us ask Mary, the humble disciple of the Father to intercede for us to attain true virtue of humility. And pray for our brethren who are still far from the Lord instead of judging them. Amen


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